Signing Off…

A big part of life is moving forward when things get tough. Throughout your life there will always be something in your way, and through heart, passion, determination and some intellect you can get through anything. In the words of Sylvester Stallone ‘ It’s not about hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”. How we push ourselves and how we handle pressure is what defines us as human beings. At the end of the day, nothing comes easy and the people who do have it easy, worked their asses off for it.

Achieving personal fitness can help develop these traits, believe me when I say that I still have a long way to go, but Cross Fit has helped put me on the right path. Working out has taught me to keep going when things get tough and that things aren’t supposed to be easy and if it is, you aren’t doing something right. Life isn’t meant to be easy, when things are easy people stop working and people get lazy. Cross fit taught me that once you overcome one goal or obstacle that you have to be ready to tackle the next one.

An aspect that is greatly overlooked is mental health. Having good mental health is vital for anyone to be happy, it keeps people productive and hopeful. Cross fit has the ability to help you work on yourself. It helps you test your own will and strength. It tests your will to keep moving forward no matter how sore or tired you are. Without good mental health, you won’t be able to be the real you.

There are some things that personal fitness can’t help, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t outlets out there that can help you. If you are going through a rough time, get help. You don’t know what can happen if you don’t and sometimes you can’t do everything on your own.

At this time I would just like to give a special thanks to Mr.Peters, he has been a fantastic teach and coach to me over the past three years. We’ve had a lot of good times together and even one a title together and stuff like that never gets forgotten. He always believed in me and what i was trying to accomplish starting me at Left tackle when I was a rookie on the senior team. Thank you Mr.Peters, what you’ve taught me the past three years will be carried over to school next year and into the rest of my life. you always trusted me even if I was a little stubborn and bull headed, and I am very thankful for that.

Don’t Give Up Before The Miracle!


Cross Fit Games Event 3

50 – Box Squats

50 – Box Jump Overs

15 – 75lbs Snatches

30 – Box Squats

30 – Box Jump Overs

10 – 75lbs Snatches

10 – Box Squats

10 – Box Jump Overs

5 – 75lbs Snatches

For some reason I found this workout easier as it went, although it sounds obvious, during the first 50 Squats I was only really able to get 10-15 together at a time, but when I did thirty I almost did them all in a row. My time was saved by my snatches because I was able to do them all in a row without putting the bar down.


Cross Fit Games Event 2

15 – Toes – Bar

1 – 85lbs Squat Clean

1 – 95lbs Squat Clean

1 – 105lbs Squat Clean

1 – 115lbs Squat Clean

1 – 125lbs Squat Clean

I had to scale this workout which started me off at the end of the standings right away, I finished the toes to bar on the ground but was able to pound through the squats as this wasn’t a lot of weight for me.


End Of May- June

By my own fault, I missed a few classes due to school work, sports and an unfortunate injury.

I was out for two and a half weeks due to a major burn on my abdomen but there were some things taught in this class that helps me get through it. One big thing was looking after my body. This was the first injury that I have ever had that has kept me out for more than 1-2 days so it was a learning experience. Through my football coaches I was always taught to look after my body and was emphasized even more when I started taking advanced fitness this year. I am now fully recovered and am very excited to get back to football and training this summer.


Day 40- EMOTM

After taking a few days off to visit Waterloo, I came back for a hard EMOTM workout. I always find these the most enjoyable because they push you on every skill for that one minute and then you get to push yourself to the limit the next


Day 35- Assignment 3

When it comes to Cross Fit, some of the negative mindsets are settled around it being too competitive, it is really time consuming and you can get hurt. I personally disagree with this.

A lot of injuries in Cross Fit happen because people don’t understand the techniques and how to perform certain lifts. Mr Peters helps to reduce this risk by teaching the skills before every work out. People get hurt because they don’t know what they’re doing and that is where a lot of the cross fit social media videos come in, those people just simply don’t know what they are doing. At the start you may be sore, but that is the result of training hard and as you work out more, your recovery time will be far better.

Competitiveness does exist in Cross Fit, but it isn’t competition in the traditional sense. Inner competition is what pushes you do to better in your daily life and helps you in the pursuit of your fitness goals. Cross Fit at St. John’s is all about bettering yourself and there is nothing wrong with pushing yourself to the same levels as your peers as long as you are doing it in a safe manner. That being said, just because you are not competitive doesn’t mean you won’t be welcome. People who workout want to see their peers succeed and that’s what cross-fit is all about. Achieving the highest level of personal fitness possible.

Crossfit is also about making the best use of your time. Cross Fit efficiently uses your time in order to help you train and achieve your weight lifting goals. you can’t expect gains and a nice body if you aren’t going to put the time into it. People who complain about this aspect probably aren’t going to put in the work for any other workout methods either.

When done properly, and the skills are taught well. Cross Fit is an amazing tool and workout program to help attain your overall fitness goals. Cross Fit pushes you to the limit all the time while being in a friendly, yet mildly competitive environment


Day 33 Cardio Workout

This was by far one of the more difficult workouts for me. My Achilles heal is skipping and it always bumps my timers up higher. The clean and jerks for me were easy because I know how to get my hips into it to make my lifts easier. I finished in 23:19